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In-House End of Season Tournament and Festival

This season, WYSC will be hosting a season-ending tournament/festival for all boys and girls recreational divisions from U8 through U10. The goal is to introduce our recreational players and their families to a "tournament style" setting while promoting team growth, sportsmanship, and a focus on improving play during the regular season.

Under 8 will play in a end of season Festival - all team will play 3 game with no scores being kept.

Under 10 will play in the end of season tournament - divisions will be created from regular season games. Each division will have a champion and finalist.

In House teams will play games on both Saturday and Sunday of the tournament weekend.

The overall tournament schedules will be created by WYSC after the last regular season season game. Please note that the tournament/festival is an extension of the regular season. As such, coaches and parents should make every effort to ensure participation. In the event that a team has difficulty fielding a team for any of the tournament games, it is the responsibility of the head coach to contact WYSC as soon as possible.  Please note the schedule is set and games will not be rescheduled.

U10 Teams who forfeit a game during the tournament will not be eligible to play in their division championship game.


In the event of a tie within a bracket after preliminary rounds, the following tie-breaker system shall be used to determine group winners:

  • Winner of Head-to-Head Competition
  • Most Wins
  • Least Goals Allowed (lowest average for all preliminary games).
  • FIFA Penalty Kicks (for championship games only)
  • Coin toss (due to time constraint for other games different than championship)

Semi-Final and Finals

Two overtime periods, 5 minutes each, will be played only in the event of a tie at the end of regulation play in Semi-Final and Final Games. If the tied persists after overtime, the winner will be decided by PKs. For U8 division, since there is no goalie, there would be up to two over time periods, 5 minutes each. If after the two over times, the tie continues, the winner would be determined by flipping a coin.
Where necessary to maintain the schedule, the appointed site coordinator can adjust the length of preliminary and/or overtime periods equally. Semi Finals and Finals ending in ties after the completion of two Overtime Periods will be decided with penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA laws.


Any team or coach that displays unsportsmans-like behavior during the tournament might be disqualified at the league discretion. 

Any team not playing a scheduled games will be consider to have forfeited the game, and will be ineligible from playing in the Championship game.

Game Report

No scores will be kept in the U8 age group. No game reports will be used

In the U10 division the winning team is responsible for turning in the Game Report within 30 minutes of the end of the game to the Tournament Officials. They will verify and fill out the bottom half of the page and return it to the team for verification. Please print one for each of your games. If the winning coach does not turn in a Game Report within 30 minutes of the end of the game the score will be listed as a 0-0 tie. 


All U8 players will receive a participation medal for playing in the festival.

First and second place awards will be given out to the champion and finalist in the U10 divisions .

Medals not picked up within a week of the tournament will be forfeitedMedals can be picked up the upper fields by Union Bank sign at Athey during the tournament.

Note that these awards are the only awards offered by WYSC for the season. There are no trophies awarded for the regular season or tournament standings.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director or official representative(s) will have the authority to:

  • Relocate or reschedule any game(s);
  • Change the duration of any game(s);
  • Cancel any preliminary game(s);
  • Consider any game terminated by game or Tournament Officials after one half of play as official as of the time of termination and the score stands at time of termination; and determine the format for advancement.

While the referee may decide to postpone a game, note that only a WYSC representative would make the decision to cancel the tournament. A WYSC representative would make the teams aware if the field needs to be evacuated. In general, at the first sign of lightning, all coaches, players, referees and spectators are to withdraw from the field and seek proper shelter. The 30 minutes Rule - Wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning flash before giving the “all clear” signal and resuming normal activity.

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