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General Rules

  • Players must be rostered on the team to play in the tournament
  • Tournament is a single set double elimination event
  • Net height eight (8) feet.

Game Rules

    • The team that first scores twenty-five (25) points in a game shall win that game.
    • A team must win by two (2) points, and there is no cap.
    • The first team to win the (1) one set wins the match and advances to the winners bracket.
    • Each team is permitted zero time outs during the set.
    • Six player teams must have two (2) women on the court at all times
    • Five or less player teams must have one (1) woman must be on the court at all time.
    • Games may be played with a minimum of 3 players, with one woman on the court at all time.
    • Rostered players are the only players that are allowed to play in the championship game.
    • Subs are not allowed to play in championship game. Rostered players only for championship game.
    • If two men service the ball, a female must make contact with the ball before passing the ball to the opponent. 

Service Rules

    • To legally serve the ball, a player’s last contact with the ground before contacting the ball must be behind the back service line.
    • Players must wait for the official’s whistle to initiate the serve.
    • The ball is considered in play if the ball contacts the net before going over (net serves are allowed). The net serve is considered in-play, unless 1) it does not continue over the net or 2) lands outside the opposing team’s court-side untouched by the opposing team.         
    • The receiving team can NOT attack the ball on a serve (i.e. spike or block).
    • After the serve, front line players may switch positions at the net.
    • First game serve is determined by a captain initiated by the ref choosing a number, toss of a coin, or rock paper scissor. Each subsequent game shall be served by the previous game loser.

Ball In Play Rules

    • Simultaneous contacts are legal when the ball is played. If 2 players on the same team contact the ball simultaneously, it counts as one contact, and any player may play the ball.
    • Players may contact the ball with any part of the body. 
    • When a ball touches a boundary line, it is considered in play.
    • The ball is out if it hits the antenna.

Blocking Rules

    • Only front row players are permitted to block.
    • A block does not count as a team’s first play.
    • The receiving team is not allowed to block or spike a served ball.
    • The team that has affected the block shall have the right to three more contacts, with the blocker having the right to make the first of the three allowable hits.

Contacting the Net

  • The ball may be played off the net (other than when served), the basketball hoop, and rafters as long as the ball does not contact the net outside the sideline markers. 
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