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How to become a Certified Referee


 Here's the link located on the  that
starts the process of becoming a new referee:

**There's a great step-by-step graphic on this webpage to follow.

Essentially, you will need to do the following:

1) Register to become a new USSF-certified referee (sign up and pay the
fee).  All this starts by going to the website listed above.

2) Then you will get access to complete the online learning modules.

3)  You will then log in and complete all of the learning modules.

4)  Complete the other certifications (SafeSports for example for anyone
18 years old and older).

5)  Take the exam online.

6)  Once you finish all of those (and they don't have to be completed
all in one session, but the quicker you get them done, the quicker you
can go to the next step), the next step is to sign up for and attend an
in-person field training session.

The dates of the training sessions can be found here:

     Click the DROP DOWN menu and select:  Enter - Never Been an USSF

NOTE:  All of your registration, online learning modules (and
certifications), and the exam are all online.  You only have to attend
an in-person field training session.

NPSC's Pay Rates

Updated Rates as of Fall 2022

In-House League 
 AR  $40 $45$50  $55

*** Payment's are made from our referee assignor Tarey Huston

How to Accept Games

Northern Piedmont Sports Club uses a Referee assignor for all of our league and tournament games. This will include our recreational, SFL, NCSL, and CCL games held at Athey.

To be added to the list of referee's and accept games please reach out to Tarey Houston
Tarey Houston
USSF-Certified Referee Assignor
[email protected]

Uniform Requirement

Uniform requirements: 

Typically, soccer referees wear a jersey, shorts, socks, and shoes and their gear includes a whistle, a wristwatch, red and yellow cards, and flags. The exact uniform can vary from league to league, with some requiring specific jerseys or jersey colors and some have stricter shoe. - New! Pro Soccer Referee Package (9 Piece)
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